Videos of ORGCon2013 talks


Digital Arms Trade

Eric King from Privacy International, Hauke Gierow from Reporters Without Borders and Simone Halink of Bits of Freedom gave an exciting conference about Digital Arms Trade, where they explained some of the cases and emphasised the importance of creating effective export controls for digital surveillance technologies.


Who wins when copyright and free speech clash?

Whether it is website blocking or content takedowns, it often seems like copyright and freedom of expression are locked in conflict. Graham Smith, partner at law firm Bird & Bird and author of "Internet Law and Regulation", explained in his talk why the two rights affect each other. Gabrielle Guillemin, Legal Officer at ARTICLE19, discussed new Copyright and Freedom of Expression Principles.


Naked Citizens! The Data Protection Regulation and why you should care about it 

Watch the great conference by Anna Fielder, David Smith and Kasey Chappelle about the current state of Data Protection Regulation and why we should care about it.



Snoopers' Charter: What's the situation now?

A knee-jerk revival of the Snoopers' Charter has been prompted by a Home Office campaign following the recent events in Woolwich. But if the proposals are as bad as they were, how do we advance a saner vision for surveillance laws?
Peter Sommer, Duncan Campbell, Julian Huppert and Bendert Zevenbergen gave us some of the important keys to push the proposals in our Digital Surveillance report.


Professor Andy Phippen - Think of the children! Censorship and young people online

Professor Andy Phippen, an expert on the effect on young people of their use of new technology, talked about children's exposure to 'harmful' content. He offered some perspective, and evidence, to counter the sometimes hysterical demands for quick-fix technical measures such a default-on website filtering.



Keynote talks

 Tim Wu  - The Digital Rights Movement 

Tim Wu's keynote speech on The Digital Rights Movement. Wu described how new technologies and movements have a tendency towards centralisation, but that the Internet has the capability to break out of that pattern, especially due to its communication power to allow consumers and rights activists to develop alternatives and share lo-tech ideas.


 John Perry Barlow  - The Right to Know 

John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and writer of a "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace" closed the event with a review on Internet revolution and privacy in his talk 'The Freedom to Know'.


Caspar Bowden - How to wiretap the Cloud (without almost anybody noticing)

Independent privacy advocate and ex-Microsoft employee Caspar Bowden gives the crucial legal context to PRISM and FISAAA. Bowden explains how the 4th Amendment does not apply to non-US citizens leaving the US government able to conduct mass surveillance of the cloud. This timely ORGCon2013 talk is essential viewing! 

 More videos of ORGCon2013 will be uploaded in due course - watch this space! 

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