Call for Papers

This year ORG are introducing new rapid-fire talks at our annual conference. Each talk should last a strict maximum of ten minutes, without Q and As. This slot is a great opportunity to share important issues, new discoveries, expert knowledge, educate, get involved with the ORG community and and also of course to promote your work!

We will give priority to talks which lead to action from the audience – such as get involved in a project, come to an event or become a developer.

We don't have specific tracks, but we will cluster talks of similar interest. Please give details below about what you will be speaking on, information about yourself to go in the programme, who the intended audience of your talk are and whether you will wish to include slides, handouts etc.

Submit as much information as possible so we have everything to make a decision on. We only have twenty slots so the sooner you submit the more time we have to fully consider your proposal!

Deadline: Wednesday 15 May (extended while we have a few spaces left)

Submit a talk

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