Day 1

Saturday 15th November

ORGCon is the UK's biggest digital rights conference. Each year, high profile writers, speakers and activists give their insights into the big issues affecting civil liberties and the Internet.

The focus of this year’s conference is government surveillance and how we can make it a key issue for voters in the run up to the General Election 2015.

There’ll be talks, debates and workshops all day, starting off with a keynote speech from Cory Doctorow.

The following programme may be subject to change. 

  Lecture Theatre Room G73 Room G79
09.30 Registration
10.00 -10.50 Welcome and opening keynote from author and digital rights activist extraordinaire,
Cory Doctorow
11.00 -11.50

What is Big Tech doing about mass surveillance?

A discussion on how corporates deal with surveillance requests, and how they have responded to the NSA and GCHQ revelations.

Professor Ian Brown, Oxford University.  

Tom Gaffney, , F-Secure.

Surveillance, Whistleblowing and the Media 

To what extent is surveillance being used to intercept journalists' sources? How do we protect whistleblowers? And what is the effect on investigative journalism and free speech? 

Answering these questions are: Jodie Ginsberg, Chief Executive of Index on Censorship, Rachel Oldroyd from the
Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and investigative journalist,
Duncan Campbell. Chaired by 
Pam Cowburn, Communications Director, Open Rights Group

Blocked! How filters censor the Internet

ORG's Blocked project has helped to expose the censorship caused by filters that aim to prevent children from seeing adult content. 

ORG's Project Manager, Richard King will reveal the findings of our Blocked project and talk about why filters are the wrong approach to safety on the internet. 


12.00 - 12.50

Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear?

Survivors of surveillance and experts on privacy will be speaking about their experiences and perspectives on the concept of 'Nothing to hide, Nothing to fear'.

Erin Saltman, Quilliam Foundation
Güneş Tavmen, Turkish Internet rights expert.
Eleanor Saitta, nomadic hacker, artist and designer. 

Merrick Badger
Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance

Chair: Milena Popova, ORG Director

Data Retention Takedown

Digital Rights Ireland, a small campaign group of volunteers, successfully won a ruling at the European Court of Justice, which declared that the Data Retention Directive was invalid. This had a major impact on the legal basis for data retention. Their solicitor in the case, Simon McGarr, explains how they did it.

TTIP on the horizon

Why this global treaty is a huge threat to democracy and our privacy in the EU.

Nick Dearden, World Development Movement
Glyn Moody, technology writer
Ed Paton-Williams, ORG Campaigner

13.00 -14.00


Fringe events: If you would like to organise a meeting or party gathering during lunch please get in touch.

Events organised so far:

Labour Friends of Open Rights Group
Come and join Claude Moraes to start a conversation on campaigning for digital rights in the Labour Party and Trade Unions.
14.00 -14.50

Question Time

Party representatives answer your questions on digital rights policy ahead of the 2015 election.

With Julian Huppert MP, Claude Moraes MEP, Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader

Privacy not Prism: Intervening for your rights

ORG's Legal Director Elizabeth Knight and Dan Carey, our solicitor in the Privacy Not Prism case will be explain why and how we are challenging government surveillance at the European Court of Human Rights.

What to do about a problem like 'Revenge Porn'? 

Professor Lilian Edwards, University of Strathclyde 

14.50-15.10 Break
15.10 - 16.00

Rapid Fire talks

Two years without YouTube: the legal battle to unblock the world's 3rd most popular website in Pakistan:  Nani Jansen, Media Legal Defence Initiative.

Our Data Ourselves? A research project on ‘Big Social Data': Mark Coté, King’s College London

Justice on Drone Strikes: Jennifer Gibson, Reprieve

Electronic surveillance in America – what on Earth is going on over there? Cathy Gellis, US attorney

16.00-16.30 Break

Global perspectives on digital rights

What are the global threats to digital rights?

With Electronic Frontier Foundation's Jillian C York, Amelia Andersdotter and Privacy International's, Deputy Director Eric King


End and Party

Heading to Dr. Inks, Stamford Street for drinks