Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORGCon? 
ORGCon is the UK's biggest digital rights event. Each year, high profile writers, speakers and activists give their insights into the big issues affecting civil liberties and the Internet. It's also a place for ORG members, activists and anyone who is interested in human rights and technology to come together to paticipate in great discussions and sessions. 

What can I expect?
ORGCon is where friendships are forged, where we all learn from each other and amazing conversations are had about how we can all make the Internet and the world a better place.

Sci fi author and ORG founder Cory Doctorow, 400 participants, international free expression director Jillian York, a hack stream, expert speakers sharing their insights on hot topics, inspiration from the winners of incredible long-term campaigns, and a whole weekend of digital rights: These are just few of the things we’re excited about for ORGCon2014.

Where can I buy tickets? 
You can either register on the ticketing page, or at the bottom of the ORGCon home page. The standard ticket price is £35. There are discounted tickets for ORG members (those who give a regular donation to ORG), and free tickets are available to new members who sign up during the next two months. 

Is there a safe-space policy?
Open Rights Group is dedicated to creating an environment at ORGCon where people with an interest in digital rights can come together, learn from each other, and contribute their skills, ideas and energy. All attendees agree to abide by the anti-harassment policy. We reserve the right to refuse entry.

What is the situation for food and refreshments
There will be a open restaurant/cafe available from which teas, coffees and light lunches can be purchased on the day.

Where is the party?
We've reserved space at Dr Inks to head to afterwards for people who want to keep the conversation going and buy some food and drink.

52-54 Stamford Street,
South Bank,

What is the access like? 
The venue has full accessibility. Information about access to buses, tubes, rail links and taxis is available from www.tfl.gov.uk/gettingaround/transportaccessibility/1167.aspx. The website www.disabledgo.com also provides useful information about accessibility in London, for potential hotels, restaurants and other places to visit whilst you are in London. 

How can I buy a ticket for Day 2?
You can also buy a ticket for the second day, with your Day 1 ORGCon ticket. When you register your place on the ticket widget it will offer you the 'additional item' of a Day 2 ticket which you can buy then. Tickets for Day 2 are only £3 to help us cover the cost of refreshments. The two halves of the event are taking place at different venues, but we hope you'll be able to attend both! 

I only bought a Day 1 ticket, can I still get a ticket for Day 2?
Yes, but the easiest way for us to do this is if you email ruth@openrightsgroup.org to let her know and she'll sort it out with you. 

Can I photograph/ film the event?
You are welcome to photograph and share the event, we love to see people capturing all the exciting stuff happening at ORGCon. However, if you are photographing people, please ask permission of the person you're photographing beforehand and respect their wishes. If you'd like to share your photographs with us after the event please tag them as ORGCon2014 on Flickr, or let us know about them. We love to see your perspective on the event! If you'd like to film ORGCon, please let us know if advance so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

How can I get a press pass?
Please email press@openrightsgroup.org with your name, your news organisation, whether you'll be recording or taking photographs, and your particular areas of interest. If you're interested in interviewing specific guests, or filming the event, please let us know about that as well and we'll see what we can arrange.

Can I help out?
Absolutely. We'd love to have your help, whether you can volunteer with ticketing, filming sessions or tech support. If you can help out on the day, please let us know, by emailing supporters@openrightsgroup.org  and giving your name and where you'd like to help out. You can also register for a free ticket, on the tickets page. 

I haven't got my free ticket after joining ORG, can you help?
If you recently became a member of ORG and have lost the details of how to register for a free ticket, or haven't received them. Please email ruth@openrightsgroup.org and she will look into it for you.

Do you have any further questions about the event? If it's not here, and you want to know more, please email ruth@openrightsgroup.org