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Why should I join?

  • Open Rights Group is the UK's only grassroots campaigning organisation that works to protect your digital rights.
  • We raise awareness of threats to privacy and free speech and challenge them through public campaigns, legal actions, policy interventions and tech projects.
  • ORG has had a big impact on Internet rights in the UK. In July, the government voted to change copyright law after nine years of campaigning by ORG supporters; we've opened up a debate about internet filtering and have created an online tool which checks whether websites are blocked; and we led the campaign that got the Communications Data Bill dropped. 
  • Supporters of ORG get: discounted tickets to all our events; to vote in board elections; the opportunity to influence our policy and direction throughout the year.
  • You will be part of an exciting community of engaged activists with plenty of opportunities to take direct action to stand up for your rights.

How do I get my free ticket to ORGCon2014?

JOIN ORG today by direct debit and as a new supporter and you will get a FREE Ticket to ORGCon2014. When you have completed your direct debit, you will receive a welcome email with a link to access your free ticket.

Tickets for ORGCon are priced at £35 so now is the best time to join ORG and be part of the movement to protect digital freedom. You'll also get discounted tickets to all future ORG events.

How do I join?

Please set up a Direct Debit today!

You can also set up a PayPal subscription. However, we prefer Direct Debits: it’s cheaper for ORG to process and means more of your hard earned cash can go directly to our campaigns and make a difference. Our supporters usually give between £5 and £10 each month, but please be as generous as you can afford to be.


We have a reduced join rate for students/unwaged:
Our student offer includes the free ticket to ORGCon2014.