Join us at ORGCon 2017 and help the Digital Fightback begin

ORGCon will bring together the best writers, journalists, lawyers, academics and tech experts to discuss the threats we face and how we can challenge them.

Our human rights are under threat as never before from governments, private companies and those who have a vested interest in controlling what we do - and making money out of it.

Not content with the most extreme surveillance law in a democracy, the UK Government have passed a law that could see is citizens porn habits recorded. Google, Facebook, Amazon et al continue to come up with new ways to make money out of every bit of our data that they can get their hands on. The news we read might be fake but the online abuse is real, although no one can decide if the left or right are the worst (or best?) at it.

Despite this, social media is amplifying the voices of ordinary people and exposing abuse by the powerful - whether police shooting unarmed citizens or those who failed the residents killed in the Grenfell tower block. Technology is are helping to keep our communications private against pernicious corporate and government surveillance. Young people are engaging in politics - 16% more 18-24 year olds voted than in the 2015 election. Our courts are - sometimes - standing up to the powerful and limiting their abuses if only the Government would enact their judgments.

Open Rights Group is a movement of people committed to protecting our rights to privacy and free speech. We believe that we can no longer separate the digital world from the ‘real’ world. Digital rights and are human rights, and we must fight to protect them.

ORGCon, the UK’s biggest digital rights conference, is back and this year is going to be the biggest one yet!

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