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Why should I join?

-ORG are a small organisation but we punch above our weight. Your money leads to direct positive effects. For example:

-We have successfully campaigned against the Snoopers' Charter for 2 years, and have since seen it dropped from the Queen's speech. We also produced our Digital Surveillance report offering reasonable alternatives to the suggested investigatory powers. We won Human Rights Campaigner of the Year at the Liberty awards for this work.

-We led a coalition of organisations and individuals campaigning to implement a parody exception to copyright. Parody presents no commercial competition to rightsholders and has great cultural value. We fed this perspective into the Hargreaves review, which recognised the need for reform and will be implementing these changes in October.

-Plus there are direct benefits to being an ORG supporter:

-Supporters of ORG also get discounted tickets to all our events.

-Supporters of ORG vote in board elections.

-Supporters have opportunities to influence our policy and direction throughout the year.

-You will be part of an exciting community of engaged activists with plenty of opportunities to take direct action to stand up for your rights.

How do I get my free ticket to ORGCon2013?

JOIN ORG today by direct debit and as a new supporter and you will get a FREE Ticket to ORGCon2013. When you have completed your direct debit you will receive a welcome email with a link to access your free ticket.

Tickets for ORGCon are priced at £28 so now is the best time to join Open Rights Group and be part of the movement to protect digital freedoms.

How do I get my free book?

Every supporter donating at least £5 per month by direct debit receives a free copy of The Master Switch by Tim Wu, keynote speaker at ORGCon2013.

The Master Switch is a history of technology and "the story of the battle raging between Apple and Google over the soul of the Internet."

How do I join?

Please set up a Direct Debit today!

You can also set up a PayPal subscription. However, we prefer Direct Debits: it’s cheaper for ORG to process and means more of your hard earned cash can make a difference.

Our supporters usually give between £5 and £10 each month, but please be as generous as you can afford to be.


We have a reduced join rate for students/unwaged:
Join for only £5/year
Our student offer includes the free ticket to ORGCon2013.

ORGCon 2013 is generously sponsored by Andrews & Arnold Ltd AAISP - "Championing unfiltered Internet"