ORGCon2013 featured an exciting range of panels, talks and workshops.

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09:30 Registration        

Welcome and presentation by:

Tim Wu

The Digital Rights Movement


Snoopers' Charter: What's the situation now?

 -Jim Killock, ORG Executive Director

– Peter Sommer, co-author Digital Surveillance, academic and computer scientist

-Bendert Zevenbergen, co-author of Digital Surveillance report

-Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat MP

Digital Arms Trade

-Hauke Gierow, Reporters without Borders

-Eric King, Privacy International

-Simone Halink, Bits of Freedom

Chair: Peter Bradwell

Copyright and orphan works: the new law and what it means

- Nick Munn, Deputy Director of Copyright, Intellectual Property Office

- Emily Goodhand (aka @copyrightgirl), Copyright and Compliance Officer at the University of Reading

- Daniel Cuthbert, documentary photographer

-Chair: Wendy Grossman

Open Data UK: Unlocking the Reality

-Jeni Tennison, Policy Head at the Open Data Institute

-Dominique Lazanski, Head of Digital Policy, Tax Payers Alliance

-Martin Tisne, Director of Policy, Omidyar Network UK

- Chair: Tim Davies, Director, Practical Participation

What exactly is ORG anyway? Who we are and what we do

-Milena Popova,  ORG Board of Directors

-Ruth Coustick, Supporter Officer

-Becky Hogge, ORG Advisory Council

-Richard King, ORG volunteer


Naked Citizens! The Data Protection Regulation and why you should care about it

- Anna Fielder, Privacy International

- David Smith, Deputy Information Commissioner

- Kasey Chappelle, Global Privacy Counsel, Vodafone Group

-Chair: William Heath, co-founder and chairman of Mydex


Regulating Code

- Ian Brown and Chris Marsden on their book and its conclusions

Introduction and questions from Bendert Zevenbergen

Think of the Children! Censorship and young people online

- Professor Andy Phippen

Introduction and questions from Louise Ferguson

Lessons from creative citizens: How to win at the Internet

- Steve Lawson, Solo bassist and music journalist

- Diane Duane, Science-fiction and fantasy author

- Simon Indelicate, The Indelicates

-Chair: Peter Bradwell

Defining Digital Rights

Workshop and discussion led by  Jim Killock, ORG Executive Director

13:00 Lunch  

 Lunch meet-up


 Lunch meet-up


 Lunch meet-up

ORG local groups


Who wins when copyright and free speech clash?

- Graham Smith, author of Internet Law and Regulation and UK Internet lawyer

- Gabrielle Guillemin, Legal Officer at ARTICLE 19, discusses their new Copyright and Freedom of Expression Principles

Session chaired by John Elliot, ORG Board member.

The right to be offensive: Free speech online in the UK

-David Allen Green, Head of media at Preiskel & Co LLP & legal correspondent of the New Statesman

-Richard Allan, Director of Policy, Facebook

-Robert Sharp, Head of Campaigns and Communication, English PEN

- Victoria McEvedy, media lawyer, McEvedys

Session chaired by Alison Powell, ORG Advisory Council member.

How to wiretap the Cloud (without anybody noticing)

-Caspar Bowden, independent privacy expert

Speaking on the threat of the US FISAA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Ammendments Act)

Activism Workshop: Take action on the Data Protection Regulation and the Snoopers' Charter

- Javier Ruiz, Campaigns Director, Open Rights Group

Presentation on the project
-Tom Loosemore, Deputy Director Digital Strategy, Government Digital Service
Introduction and questions from Lee Maguire, Technical Officer
15:00 Break        

Rapid fire talks

Reuben Binns - Open Data for Privacy

Lily Ash Sakula - Stuff that matters

Emma Mulqueeny – Rewired State


Rapid fire talks

Milena Popova – When Worlds Collide

John Fuller – Extreme Pornography Legislation: are we all sex offenders now?

William Heath -
Is it now safe to say YES2ID?

Rapid fire talks

Victoria McEvedy - Overview and Reform: a short introduction to libel

Desiree Miloshevic - Internet governance/post WCIT-12

Damian Tambini - What is the LSE Media Policy Project?

 Sam Smith - MedConfidential: Keep my Secrets

Rapid fire talks

Kim Barker - User Generated content law

Richard King - How to create an ORG local Group

Tanya O’ Carroll - Panic Button: The Mobile Alert System for Activists

Edward Parsons - Firewalling child rights in the name of "protection"

Rapid fire talks

Jonathan Brown - Mozilla Persona: The Web's decentralised identity API

Nick Sharf - Digital Rights Management: The Phantom Menace

John Elliot - Does your boss know how you are feeling today and how much money is in your bank account?

Glyn Wintle – Your password is...


16:20 Break        

Closing keynote from John Perry Barlow

The Freedom to Know


End of event and party!

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