Day 1

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Venue: Friends House, Euston, London. NW1 2BJ

Day 1 will include talks from a range of experts on digital threats that we face and how we can challenge them. Confirmed so far:

Are we living in a dystopia?
Comedian Graham Linehan will talk to journalist Helen Lewis about art, satire and dystopia.

Killer robots
Drones that can fire pepperballs or Tazers at suspects. Robots armed with explosives to kill criminals. Driverless cars patrolling our neighbourhoods. All of these innovations exist and are being used by police forces around the world. Professor Noel Sharkey of Robot Wars fame will talk about the growth of the 'killer robot' industry and what needs to happen in order to prevent it from changing policing and democracy.

What's your porn identity?
The Digital Economy Act means that porn websites will need to verify the age of their UK users. What will this mean for our privacy, free speech and sexual freedom? ORG's Legal Director Myles Jackman and feminist porn producer Pandora Blake will discuss the impact of these plans, particularly on the LGBT community in the UK.

Extremists online
How do we stop extremists from sharing propaganda online? Writer and Director at Demos Jamie Bartlett will talk about how different radical movements - from ISIS to hardline libertarians - use the Internet; and why he believes attempts to censor so called 'extreme content' is both morally wrong and counter-productive.

Queer Privacy
What if our privacy concerns were closer to home than state or corporate surveillance? What if we needed to hide our identity from our family, friends and colleagues? What if being anonymous was integral to our sexual and personal liberation? Sarah Jamie Lewis, editor of Queer Privacy, will talk about the very real threats faced by people who identify as Queer, and what privacy activists and tech companies need to do to address them.

Open Data, Open Government
Civic hacker and Digital Minister in charge of Social Enterprise, Audrey Tang will talk about how the Taiwanese Goverment is opening up data and transforming democracy in .





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