ORGCon2013 brings you an exciting range of panels, talks and workshops.

Come and get an update on the biggest digital rights campaigns, take action, learn about new issues like the digital arms trade, hear about the latest developments in protecting free speech online and listen to an interesting range of new speakers during our rapid-fire talk sessions.

The schedule below is just the bare bones of the day, but we'll be updating this page regularly as the event fleshes out, titles and names are confirmed. Watch this space and don't forget to book your ticket!


Lecture theatre Council Chamber Thompson Room Faraday Room Siemens Room
09:30 Registration        
10:00 Welcome and presentation by Tim Wu        
11:00 Snoopers' Charter: What's the situation now?

 -Jim Killock, ORG Executive Director

The Digital Arms Trade

-Hauke Gierow, Reporters without Borders
-Eric King, Privacy International

The new Orphan Works law: The lowdown

-Emily Goodhand aka @copyrightgirl

-Daniel Cuthbert, documentary photographer



Open Data UK: Unlocking the Reality

-Jeni Tennison, Policy Head at the Open Data Institute

-Dominique Lazanski, Head of Digital Policy, Tax Payers Alliance

-Martin Tisne, Director of Policy, Omidyar Network UK

-Tim Davies, Director, Practical Participation

What exactly is ORG anyway? Who we are and what we do

-Milena Popova,  ORG Board of Directors
-Ruth Coustick, Supporter Officer
-Becky Hogge, ORG Advisory Council
-Richard King, ORG volunteer

12:00 Naked Citizens! The Data Protection Regulation and why you should care about it

-Anna Fielder, Privacy International
-David Smith, Deputy Information Commissioner


Regulating Code

-Ian Brown and Chris Marsden on their book and its conclusions

Think of the Children! Censorship and young people online

 -Professor Andy Phippen

Lessons from creative citizens: How to win at the Internet

-Steve Lawson, Solo bassist and music journalist

-Diane Duane, Science-fiction and fantasy author
Defining Digital Rights

-Jim Killock, ORG Executive Director

13:00 Lunch        

Who wins when copyright and free speech clash?

-Graham Smith, author of Internet Law and Regulation and UK Internet lawyer

- Gabrielle Guillemin, Legal Officer at ARTICLE 19, discusses their new Copyright and Freedom of Expression Principles

Activism Workshop: Take action on the Data Protection Regulation and the Snoopers' Charter

-Javier Ruiz, Campaigns
How to wiretap the Cloud (without anybody noticing)

-Caspar Bowden, independant privacy expert

Speaking on the threat of the US FISAA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Ammendments Act)

The right to be offensive: Free speech online in the UK

-David Allen Green, Head of media at Preiskel & Co LLP & legal correspondent of the New Statesman

-Richard Allan, Director of Policy, Facebook
Presentation on the project
-Tom Loosemore, Deputy Director Digital Strategy, Government Digital Service
15:00 Break        
15:30 10 minute talks 10 minute talks 10 minute talks 10 minute talks 10 minute talks
16.20 Break        
16:30 Closing keynote from John Perry Barlow        

End of event and party!



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